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Behind the Headlines of the Breast Screening Review

Women will have woken up to headlines this morning on the NHS breast screening programme that they may be surprised, worried, confused or reassured about- depending on what they already knew or thought about screening and which papers they were reading. Headlines don’t always allow for the easiest explanation of what is a complicated issue.


MPs across the UK wear it pink

The end of October is fast approaching but there is still so much more to come from Breast Cancer Action Month. That almost sounds mysterious but there's nothing secret about wear it pink day on 26 October. I can't be the only person who keeps their eyes peeled for pink accessories/clothing during the rest of the year so that I'm fully prepared for the pinkest of pink days. Can I?


So what do you know about the NHS breast screening programme?

There’s often a lot in the media about the NHS breast screening programme but how much do you know about how it works, who’s eligible to attend and the impact breast screening has. This is by no means an attempt to comprehensively test your knowledge (!), but did you know…


PIP implants - what breast cancer patients need to know

It’s hard to have missed the issue of PIP implants, it’s dominated much of the news agenda over the past couple of months. From Jordan on Newsnight, to the appearance of dedicated Facebook groups, and no doubt heated debates around many dinner tables, it’s been a talking point. However, you might be surprised to discover that PIP implants is not just an issue affecting those women who have had cosmetic surgery but also a number of women with breast cancer. Yet, the impact and consequences for women with breast cancer has been largely missing from the debate.


A research result

As a policy issue, medical research can receive less focus in the public limelight than other issues. So you could be excused for having missed two research-related developments earlier this week, both in areas that Breast Cancer Campaign has been working on over the past couple of years.


A bank we can rely on

As a non-scientist working for a medical research charity, I'm frequently in awe of how the science that seems so complicated to me can be so easily comprehensible to others. Yet, when it comes to Breast Cancer Campaign's Tissue Bank - the first national tissue bank which has opened to all researchers today - it's not too hard to clearly explain the benefits. Well, I'll give it a try and let you be the judge...


What a difference a day makes

Ok I admit it, I wasn't optimistic yesterday (if you couldn't tell from my previous post) about the outcome of the Welfare Reform Bill debate in the Lords on the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). But it turned out to be an evening both sides will remember.


Happy New Year?

Not only is it a little late for the phrase now we're well into the second week of January, but it will also not feel like the beginning of a good year for many of the cancer patients who rely on contributory Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) benefit.


A date to remember

Remembering dates is perhaps not my most notable skill, however, when it comes to the Health and Social Care Bill maybe I can be forgiven for having to check some of the key ones. It has been around for a while… in fact, now I’ve checked I see the Bill was first introduced into the Commons on 19 January (2011, that is).


Freedom of Information

Starting a post by mentioning the Freedom of Information Act might not put off as many people as it once did - the media seems to refer to it almost daily as a source of information. When it comes to access to cancer drugs, the Freedom of Information Act is also a useful tool.



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