Student Fundraising for Breast Cancer | University and RAG Fundraising

Student Fundraising: Universities and RAGs

Student Fundraising: Universities and RAGs

If you are at University there are countless ways that you can help to fund research that saves lives by fundraising for us through your students union, RAG, halls or simply with your friends.

Whether you are running a marathon, holding a bake sale, organising a fashion show or joining us to ride from London to Paris (2015 registration now closed - more info coming soon!) there is something for everyone! And you won't be on your own - our experienced students team is here to help you every step of the way.

Fundraising as part of a RAG

We have been working with students for several years now putting on fundraisers and raising awareness about breast cancer. We have dedicated time and resources to looking after RAGs and university societies that fundraise to ensure you run successful events and have a great time whilst doing so.

Our experience and expertise in student events could help your RAG reach our Top Ten List and exceed your fundraising target for the academic year ahead!

Student Fundraising

Whether you are taking on a physical challenge or want to organise an event we are here to help you get things sorted at your university.

Max was part of one of our London to Paris cycles:

It was honestly one of the most enjoyable (yet challenging) things I’d ever done. If you haven’t cycled London to Paris, do it. … the most exciting thing for me? When we overcome breast cancer – and we will – you can honestly say: you were part of that.

Read Max's full blog post about the challenge here.

Even if your University doesn’t have a RAG you can get a group of friends together, join us and be part of the team that overcomes breast cancer for good.

if you have any questions or want to talk to us about getting involved in Breast Cancer Campaign, feel free to contact the team on 0207 749 4126 or email us:

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