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Breast Cancer Campaign

Breast Cancer Campaign only funds research into breast cancer and will support research at any centre of excellence in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The charity has a particular interest in supporting innovative research and will fund the best breast cancer research in the UK and Ireland, providing that it is of the highest quality.

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Charlotte's Blog - Eastenders and the BRCA storyline

Eastenders and the BRCA storyline

Charlotte's Blog - Eastenders and the BRCA storyline

For those of you who watch Eastenders, you will have noted that Carol Jackson’s breast cancer storyline has now taken a turn towards exploring genetics. In a recent episode, the show revealed that Carol Jackson has the same faulty

Comment on news today regarding breast self-checks and breast awareness

There was news today about the effectiveness of breast checking. It referenced a study which was specifically about a technique called ‘breast self-examination’, a formal method for checking breasts, rather than being breast aware.

The difference #nomakeupselfie made to breast cancer research

The difference #nomakeupselfie made to breast cancer research

The difference #nomakeupselfie made to breast cancer research

In a world where everyone is so busy and constantly on the go, it’s very rare that we get to stop and think about the things that are important to us. Last month, it was refreshing to see a campaign which cut through the noise and saw people come together to take action for a very worthy cause. 


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