Around 185,000 lives could be lost by 2030 if critical gaps in breast cancer research are not urgently addressed

Charity hopes breast cancer could be overcome within 40 years but greater investment, collaboration and renewed focus is vital.

Research facilitated by leading research charity, Breast Cancer Campaign, has identified the ten critical gaps that exist in breast cancer research, which, if not urgently addressed, could see the loss of around 185,000* lives by 2030.

Breast Cancer Campaign comments on the results of the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey for England

For Immediate Release: Friday 30th August 2013

The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey is an annual survey which asks cancer patients specific question about their experience in hospital Trusts in England.

Breast cancer cells’ sugar craving is target for new type of treatment

A new way to target a breast cancer cells’ appetite for over-indulging in sugar, that could provide an alternative treatment for chemotherapy resistant breast cancer, is being developed by Breast Cancer Campaign scientists.

The treatment exploits a novel link, identified by the scientists, between sugar processing in the cells and their growth and division.

This approach to treating breast cancer offers a real alternative to chemotherapy as it targets the active cancer cells and not normal cells, reducing the risk of side effects that affect thousands of women undergoing treatment.


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