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Breast Cancer Campaign only funds research into breast cancer and will support research at any centre of excellence in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The charity has a particular interest in supporting innovative research and will fund the best breast cancer research in the UK and Ireland, providing that it scientifically excellent, as judged by peer review.

Type of grant What is it for? Maximum  amount awarded Applications open Application deadlines Funding decisions
Project Grant To fund outstanding breast cancer research Around £65,000 pa for up to three years

Now open

01 July 2015

December 2015

PhD Studentship To develop the next generation of breast cancer researchers Around £90,000 for three years (inc PhD stipend and tuition fees) Now open 01 July 2015 December 2015
Pilot To test new hypotheses and generate preliminary data to support a full project grant application Up to £25,000 for one year

Now closed

2 March 2015

June 2015

Scientific Fellowship To take talented post-doctoral researchers to the next level of their careers Up to £550,000 for five years




Scottish CSO – Breast Cancer Campaign Project Grant To fund outstanding breast cancer research in a Scottish based institute Around £65,000 pa for up to three years

Now open

01 July 2015

December 2015

Wait! If you have an outstanding idea to tackle breast cancer which doesn’t quite fit into these categories, we may still be able to help.

Breast Cancer Campaign is dedicated to funding the very best research in the UK and Ireland and that is why we have developed a Research Innovation function. This team specifically aims to support new research proposals or ideas which have the potential to significantly reduce the impact of breast cancer. We aim to work with researchers to develop ideas and facilitate collaboration if required.

No idea is too different or too small, so long as it’s combatting breast cancer! If this might apply to your research idea, please email with a brief description and we will get back to you.  ​

Breast Cancer Campaign Grants Online

Applications for Breast Cancer Campaign research grants must be submitted using the Breast Cancer Campaign Grants Online portal.

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For any queries about research grants, please contact our team on 020 7749 4121 or email

Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank

The Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank is a unique collaboration with four leading research institutions to create a vital resource of breast cancer tissue for researchers across the UK and Ireland – the UK's first ever national cancer tissue bank. Applications for material are accepted all year round.

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Scientific Advisory Board

Breast Cancer Campaign's Scientific Advisory Board, composed of prominent breast cancer experts and supported by the advice of hundreds of scientists and doctors, ensures that the research the charity funds is of the highest calibre and will further our knowledge of breast cancer.

Name Institute
Professor Ingunn Holen (SAB Chair) University of Sheffield
Dr John Maher (SAB Deputy Chair) King's College, London
Dr Antonis Antoniou University of Cambridge
Dr Jo Armes King's College, London
Dr Fedor Berditchevski University of Birmingham
Professor Keith Brennan University of Manchester (Paterson)
Dr Karen Blyth Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute, Glasgow
Dr Kate Brain Cardiff University School of Medicine
Dr Helen Bryant Institute for Cancer Studies, University of Sheffield
Dr Valerie Brunton

Edinburgh Cancer Research UK Centre, The University of Edinburgh

Dr Lodewijk Dekker School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham
Dr Deborah Fenlon University of Southampton
Professor William Gallagher University College Dublin
Dr Stephen Hiscox Welsh School of Pharmacy, Cardiff University
Professor Anthony Howell Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Manchester
Dr Thomas Hughes Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Leeds
Dr Jo Morris School of Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham
Professor Sue Moss Wolfson Institute for Preventive Medicine, London, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, QMUL
Prof Ruth Muschel University of Oxford
Dr Rachel Natrajan Institute of Cancer Research
Professor Graham Pockley Nottingham Trent University
Dr Emad Rakha Department of Histopathology, University of Nottingham
Dr Simon Robinson Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton
Dr Tracy Robson School of Pharmacy, Queen's University Belfast
Dr Sonia Rocha College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee
Professor Peter Schmid Queen Mary, University of London
Dr Abeer Shabaan University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Andrew Sims University of Edinburgh
Dr Matt Smalley Cardiff University
Dr Robert Stein University College London Hospitals
Dr Marc Tischkowitz University of Cambridge
Dr Paola Vagnarelli Brunel University

Commissioned Research Advisory Board One (Prevention)

Commissioned Research Advisory Board One (Prevention) is a sub-committee of our Scientific Advisory Board and is charged with commissioning research to tackle the gaps in risk and prevention of breast cancer as identified in  the breast cancer research gap analysis entitled “Critical research gaps and translational priorities for the successful prevention and treatment of breast cancer".

Name Institute/Organisation

Dr Ingunn Holen (CRAB Chair)

Department of Oncology, University of Sheffield

Dr Andreas Makris (CRAB Deputy Chair)

Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

Dr Antonis Antoniou

University of Cambridge

Dr Veronique Bouchet

Trustee, Breast Cancer Campaign
Dr Ellen Copson Southampton General Hospital
Mairead McKenzie Independent Cancer Patient Voices
Professor Andy Gescher University of Leicester
Professor Trever Powles Institute of Cancer Research
Dr Lisa Wilde Director of Research, Breast Cancer Campaign
Dr Stuart Griffiths Head of Research Innovation, Breast Cancer Campaign
Baroness Delyth Morgan CEO, Breast Cancer Campaign


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