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Breast Cancer Research

We know that research saves lives. So we fund world-class research, by the brightest scientific minds, anywhere in the UK and Ireland. We actively encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, and help our scientists and clinicians kick-start innovation. 

Our pioneering approach to breast cancer research trusts scientific experts to help us fund the best projects. We look for opportunities where the potential for real impact is the highest, and we fund them quickly and efficiently.

No other breast cancer charity offers this agility and responsiveness, and no other breast cancer research charity has this single-minded focus. ­

Patient benefit

It’s vital that we translate research findings into patient benefit. We work hard to engage with the right people when it matters, so that new interventions, new treatments, and better information and support reach patients quickly and efficiently.

We passionately believe that our unique approach will help women overcome and outlive breast cancer – in our lifetime.

View our research projects by location or find out how to apply for a grant.

Our areas of work

We’ve made great progress in overcoming breast cancer over the past 20 years.

Awareness has improved. Detection is now earlier and better. Thanks to research that started in the laboratory decades ago, new, more effective therapies and treatments have been introduced. The patient is now the focus of the treatment and we know more about the molecular profile, stage and pathology of her (or in rare cases, his) tumour, to help determine the best treatment combination currently available.

Five-year survival rates have improved significantly and over 80 per cent of women diagnosed with breast cancer today will be alive in five years’ time.

Forty years ago, only 50 per cent of women survived for at least five years after diagnosis.

But we have so much to do. Breast cancer is still the most common form of cancer. Thousands die every year, millions of us live with its effects and urgent action is vital.

Following our 2013 Gap Analysis we have framed our hopes and ambitions for the future across eight critical areas:

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