Dr John Marshall and Dr Kate Moore spread the word for Breast Cancer Campaign

Q & A with researchers Dr John Marshall and Dr Kate Moore

Dr John Marshall and Dr Kate Moore spread the word for Breast Cancer Campaign

Last week, Campaign-funded scientists Drs John Marshall and Kate Moore received national news coverage for their work on discovering a new way to find and target an aggressive type of breast cancer, using the molecule αvβ6. We hope that this work can now be taken to clinical trials and tested in patients, to eventually help more women and men to overcome and outlive breast cancer.


London to Paris student cycle

"We'll always have Paris" - how our student supporters took on the London to Paris cycle and won

London to Paris student cycle

I have a bicycle, but by no means am I a cyclist. Over the past 9 months I’ve been responsible for looking after 85 students who decided that a 3 day, 200 mile cycle from London to Paris was for them. To even get to the start line they needed to fundraise £950. To many of them, this was as daunting a prospect as the hills that separated them and the Eifel Tower.

Chemicals, deodorants and breast cancer: making sense of it all

At Breast Cancer Campaign, we see a lot of news stories, and meet lots of people concerned about whether various chemicals in the environment are putting them at risk of developing breast cancer.


The next step

Important note: This blog entry discusses scars and recovery following a double mastectomy, which some people may find upsetting.


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