Superhero Yourself with our Facebook tool | Breast Cancer Campaign

Superhero Yourself with our Facebook tool

Superhero Yourself with our Facebook tool

Gee whiz, Batman! To get everyone in the mood for our superhero-themed day on the 26 October, we want all our heroes to supercharge their Facebook pages!

Turn your friends green (goblin) with envy and make your own wear it pink superhero image using our new Superhero Yourself tool.

Tweet your finished superhero pic to @BCCampaign with #superheroyourself or post them on our Facebook page.

And don't worry if online technology is your kryptonite, if you get stuck at any stage, we have these super easy steps for you to follow:

To add your images:

  1. Click the button in Step 1 and browse to your image on your computer. Click Open.
  2. Resize your image using the '- +' buttons. Move your image by hovering over it and dragging it into position.
  3. Choose your headline and superhero pose in Step 2.
  4. Upload another photo (or the same one you used in step 1) and resize using the '- +' buttons. You can also rotate using the arrow buttons to match your facial features up under the mask.
  5. Click 'All done... save it!'

To upload to Facebook:

  1. Two images will appear after instruction 5 of above. Click on 'Profile Pic' and your image will open in a new tab of your browser.
  2. Right click on the open image and select 'Save image as' and give your image a name.
  3. Open your Facebook profile page and hover over your profile picture. Click the little pencil that appears and click 'Upload photo'. Browse to the image you just saved and upload.
  4. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for your cover image (which is the long banner at the top of your Facebook page).
  5. Voila! Now tell all your friends to do the same and spread the superhero powers.