No Make Up Selfie catches on for Breast Cancer Campaign Cancer Awareness

Comment on 'no makeup selfie' viral campaign for cancer awareness

Comment on #nomakeupselfie viral campaign for cancer awareness

Edit: 21 March 2014, since this article was written, we have now received £135,000 in donations.

Today, 19 March 2014, #nomakeupselfie and #cancerawareness trended throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook. People across the UK posted pictures of themselves fresh faced - or in the case of men, with a lot of lipstick and eyeshadow applied! Although we did not start the campaign, our supporters got involved straight away - posting hundreds of pictures on Twitter and Facebook while donating and encouraging friends to nominate each other to take part.

Breast Cancer Campaign supporters grew the trend by posting images of themselves post-mastectomy - bravely showing their surgery results. Supporters encouraged and thanked each other for sharing and spreading information about breast cancer signs and symptoms, as well as donating to the charity by texting CURE to 70660 to donate £3 per text.

James Elliot, Head of Digital Engagement, said:

“It’s great to see so many people getting involved and coming together to help raise money and awareness of cancer. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK and the public have shown how much they care by not only posting pictures, but also sharing information about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and making donations to help us fund life-saving research.  

“We have received over £15,000 in donations so far, which has only been made possible from the public getting behind this campaign. We’re really grateful for everyone’s support.”  

Breast Cancer Campaign funded scientists have been expressing their thanks to the selfie-taking public too!

Here is Scientific Fellow Dr James Flanagan and the Epigenetics Unit at Imperial College London taking a selfie of their own:

No Make Up Selfie for Breast Cancer Campaign

Dr James Flanagan and the Imperial College London Epigenetics Unit

Read about Dr Flanagan's breast cancer research on our Research into Genetic Screening page.

Scientific Fellow Dr Niamh O’Brien, at Queen’s University Belfast, expressed how she felt about the public backing the #nomakeupselfie craze.

No Make Up Selfie for Breast Cancer Campaign

Dr Niamh O'Brien

Dr O’Brien's research is into triple negative breast cancer and basal like breast cancer – which currently have limited treatment options. Dr Niamh O’Brien hopes her work will enable doctors to better classify these breast cancer patients, and provide opportunities to tailor their treatment and develop new drugs. Find out more about her research on our Investigating New Ways to Identify and Treat Patients with a Poor Prognosis page.

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