Around 185,000 lives could be lost by 2030 if research gaps are not addressed | Breast Cancer Campaign

Around 185,000 lives could be lost by 2030 if research gaps are not addressed

Around 185,000 lives could be lost by 2030 if research gaps are not addressed

Research published today by Breast Cancer Campaign has identified the critical gaps in breast cancer research, which, if not urgently addressed, could see the loss of around 185,000* lives by 2030.

Breast Cancer Campaign brought together over 100 internationally recognised scientists, clinicians and healthcare professionals, along with patient advocates, to explore which gaps in research, if filled, would bring the greatest patient benefits.

The Gap Analysis: ‘Critical research gaps and translational priorities for the successful prevention and treatment of breast cancer’, was published in Breast Cancer Research today (1 October 2013).

Gap Analysis 2013 follows Gap Analysis 2008, which led to the foundation of the pioneering Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank. It identifies ten fundamental research gaps that need attention and what needs to be done to overcome – prevent, cure and outlive – breast cancer by 2050.

Co-authored by Professor Sue Eccles, The Institute of Cancer Research, London, and Professor Alastair Thompson, University of Dundee, it’s the most comprehensive review of breast cancer research that has ever taken place.

Professor Sue Eccles said: “We’ve known for some time that breast cancer is not just one disease but our understanding has increased enormously in the five years since the first Gap Analysis in 2008. We now know that breast cancer cells can have different characteristics, even within the same tumour, and these can also change over time. This makes it much more complex to research and is why we need greater collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams and an improved infrastructure, to ensure we are getting the data and tissue samples needed to advance our research knowledge.”

The findings of Gap Analysis 2013 have informed Breast Cancer Campaign’s new action plan, ‘Help us find the cures’, which sets out its hopes and ambitions for the future for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and how the scientific community, funding organisations, industry, policy makers and Government must join forces to address the gaps. The charity aims to raise £100 million over the next decade to specifically tackle the critical gaps and help make this happen.

*Projected total number of female deaths from breast cancer in the UK from 2014-2030. Calculated by the Statistical Information Team at Cancer Research UK, September 2013 based on data from Sasieni P, et al. Cancer mortality projections in the UK to 2030 (unpublished). Analyses undertaken and data supplied upon request; September 2012. Similar data can be found on the Cancer Research UK Cancer Statistics Website.

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